The clown punk

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The clown punk

So now, I come across a new one for me. I will enjoy this section immensely as I take you all through this body of work.

Simon Armitage is one of those Yorkshire poets, like myself, who tends to say it as it is at times, sometimes romanticising his thoughts and at other times, adding harsh, bitter comments about person, life, attitudes, just life in general.

His is a poetry for the disaffected, a poetry that can bring alive the negativity in us. This poem is an example of that. Most of us, who are of a certain age, can remember the days of The clown punk Punk Rock movement in music around the world and this lad can remember the arrival on the scene of a certain John The clown punk and his band, The Sex Pistols.

It was a time of great political change, of anger and resentment, of the worker wanting a fair deal and not getting it, and into that mix came these angry young men from the UK to share their venom and their angst at what the government were doing at that time.

That is the history. A cultural phenomenon that was short lived, lasts to this day because of those who chose to live the Punk lifestyle.

But now, they can tend to look a sad echo of their former self. Today, we do not see them any more and if we do we call them Goth or some other words.

Some, like this man in this poem, are ridiculed. Society has moved on and Armitage captures this so well.

The clown punk

The reader believes it is him; that is his usual style. His poems are personal and reflective. It just goes to show how variant English can be. To me, it means dangerous, or dodgy, the sort of place you do not stop if you value your tyres and wheels on your car.

There are a few like that in Yorkshire. You will see the town clown. Notice the use of the lower case letter; it is not a name he is using to signify someone who wears bright, garish greasepaint. No, this is a derogatory word meant as an insult.

This, for the town clown, is his normal, everyday wear. Our first reaction would be to laugh if we saw this kind of man, but Armitage asks you as a reader not to do this, making you think about the times when you have seen someone odd; a vagrant, tramp, someone living on the streets and chuckled.

There but by the Grace of God, Armitage is saying, go you. It could so easily be you he is seeing. And as Armitage looks on, he begins to wonder what he [the Punk] will look like in years to come, when he is an elderly gentleman, if indeed he lives that far and to be that old.

It is a true fact that in thirty years, there will be more and more OAPs covered with tattoos because some in society have chosen to rebel and go overboard on use of ink, piercings and odd hair styles.

The town Punk is no different.

The Clown Punk by Angela Golland on Prezi

He is therefore, a sad caricature of what humanity is, or should be, in the eyes of most of the rest of society.

Armitage asks the reader to consider this face that gets hurled at people in all sorts of drunken directions and to consider that this is one life ruined, one life that has gone the way that man wants, but has led him to drink and to ruin.

We do this at our peril sometimes, judging people because of the way that they look. Someone has very short hair and we think skinhead and avoid. If someone has dreadlocks in their hair, we think another set of things. Likewise for the Punk rocker.

Yes there are some we would want to avoid, but to tar them all with the same feather [look that up — tarring and feathering] is a dangerous thing to do. Armitage is suggesting therefore that this part of us needs to stop. He [the Punk] is just another man on the street after all.Tubedubber: Make a mashup by playing one youtube video with sound from another.

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Imagenes de sociedades agricolas superioressaywriters. Context. For some background on Simon Armitage look at the Context section of Homecoming.. Subject. The poem describes an encounter with the eponymous Clown Punk, a tattooed, slightly tragic. Goodfellas was met with very positive reviews and scored some major award nominations, but it took a few years to catch on as a critical classic.

However, Roger Ebert was an early adopter when it. More language The Clown Punk Surface Meaning The unidentified speaker in this poem critically describes a local punk, whose appearance is different, yet colourful, to his children from the safety of their car as they watch the 'clown punk' go by.

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