Sourcing a research paper

The Evolution of the E-Auction Auctions have been around for centuries. People with goods wanted an efficient way to sell those goods to people who wanted those goods. For many people, the memory of an auction involves a fast-tongued auctioneer belting out numbers to a loosely organized crowd. Historically, the highest level of technology used for an auction involved plugging a microphone into a wall.

Sourcing a research paper

Hire Writer Today, however, fashion companies take into account two additional concerns, i.

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Social responsibility and environmental sustainability, when selecting new suppliers. Price used to be considered as a critical factor in evaluating and determining suppliers as the price of raw materials contribute most in the production sots.

Therefore to cut the production costs, fashion companies may choose the suppliers with the lower price. This low price, however, may reflect lower standards in response to the workers treatment and environmental protection.

As to keep costs low, suppliers may pay low wages, require the workers to work long hours, provide poor working environment for their workers and employ child labors in order to gain the business and undercut other potential suppliers.

These unethical social problems are now widely criticized by public and therefore trigger a change in supply chain management. Cooperate with those unethical suppliers may have a risk of reputation damageand consequently many companies start to consider ethical issues when they are choosing suppliers.

Sourcing a research paper

The main barrier for ethical souring On selection Of suppliers may possibly be the Costs. It seems difficult for the suppliers to produce products as cheap as before and at the same time adherence to ethical production, because they may have to increase the wage rate, improve working environment, and use safe and environmental friendly raw materials.

This apparently lowers the opportunities for suppliers o gain the business unless they undercut other potential suppliers on cost. Also, the costs of sourcing ethical clothing, inevitably, will increase accordingly.

A fashion buyer may face a tradeoff when selecting suppliers between lower costs and concerning ethical issues. When adopting ethical souring, fashion buyers may not be able to access to the interior of the suppliers and evaluate whether the products are produced according to code Of ethics and environmental standards.

Evidence from third parties, therefore, may be required to provide advice for the companies. For example, United Nation Global Compact UNCrequires companies to follow universal teeth kcal principles, is a standard to encourage companies worldwide to adopt sustainable social and environmental policies.

Also, several non- government organizations NAG were established to encourage fashion companies to sourcing materials or clothing produced by manufacturers with ethical concerns. However, these organizations that help in ethical sourcing may be criticized as not reliable.

For example, one of the members in the IT, Gap, had been found inconsistent with the ethical standards by employing child labors. Some of the fashion companies, such as Patagonia and People Tree, provide transparency of information about where the raw materials come from and where the production is carried out on their websites.

Selection of production materials Selecting appropriate raw materials would be very important as the features of raw materials could have a great influence on the finished products. There is trend for fashion buyers to source clothing made from sustainable cottons and produced by Fair Trade manufacturers.

Sustainable cottons refer to the cottons that are produced in response to social ethics and environmental protection. Examples are organic cotton, better cotton and recycled cotton. Organic cotton takes an important role in ethical souring and there are a growing number Of fast ion companies that start to take step towards using organic cotton.

Cotton is regarded as the most popular fiber used in garment. This kind of farming may possibly minimize the adverse effect on rivers or water source nearby.

Better cotton, which is introduced by Better Cotton Initiative to promote good farming behavior, also growth with less irrigate water, chemical, and with more concern to the soil, natural environment and working condition for farmers. Recycled cotton, which is made from the scraps produced by textile mills or post-consumer cotton waste, is important to minimize unnecessary wastage and environmental impacts.

Recycle cotton reduce waste to landfill and the use of virgin cotton, chemicals, water and land. Although it is environmental friendly to use sustainable cottons, there are several imitations regarding the usage of these cottons.

Sourcing a research paper

There seems to be physical limitation for organic cotton and better cotton of having less output because of the absence of chemical pesticide and fertilizers.

Apart from physical limitation, there is also economical limitation in which using sustainable cottons is very expensive.Facilities. GARG hosts several state-of-the-art facilities, including LA-ICP-MS & ESR dating laboratories dedicated to geoarchaeology and archaeometric research.

Finding Sources--explanation Using sources to support your ideas is one characteristic of the research paper that sets it apart from personal and creative writing. Sources come in many forms, such as magazine and journal articles, books, newspapers, videos, films, .

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