Social worker in singapore

Apply Now About the Program In this two-year diploma program you will gain the required knowledge and skills for the human service field and be challenged to examine your own values and beliefs to make a meaningful contribution to the profession.

Social worker in singapore

Social worker in singapore

Confessions of a Young Looking Social Worker: This pediatric social worker has also worked as a child and teen bereavement specialist. Family Counseling, Aging, and Abusive Relationships Work with families to help them sort out their problems, or help them work through grief and other issues.

Also includes social workers who focus on helping those in abusive relationships. This blog focuses a great deal on efforts to help battered women.

This family social worker shares insights in a rather irreverent — and sometimes funny — way. This clinical social worker has spent a great deal of time working in nursing homes with the aging.

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A blog about the importance of social work during end-of-life care. Meant to help males deal with their grief. This social worker focuses on protective services for seniors.

Social worker in singapore

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Mental health counselors help others work through their issues, and help them find hope, working to a healthier mental state.

This social worker specializes in mental health. Get interesting insights on mental health and social work, among other subjects.

Hi how are you? This clinical social worker is involved in community mental health. Focuses on mental health, as well as on substance abuse.

A mental health worker with sympathy for clients. The Mental Health Social Worker: You can find interesting information on mental health and social work. Community mental health worker offering insights on life and social work. Notes from the Couch: This licensed clinical social worker helps people with anxiety and depression.

Health Care, Public Health, Policy and Clinical There are also social workers involved in health care and in clinical settings.

Find out more about what these folks do.

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Learn more about the system, general health and even child protection and health. This clinical social worker shares thoughts about life and the world in general. An interesting blog about public policy, as well as including information on how you can be effective as a community advocate.

The Social Work Podcast:The Centennial College Social Service Worker program prepares you to be a critical practitioner, advocate, problem solver and agent of social change as you examine the expanding professional roles and responsibilities of social service workers within a rapidly changing society.

Social Worker $4k (Office hour / 5 days work / Central and East) Capita Pte Ltd - Healthcare. Special Olympics Singapore.

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Sep 15,  · A Social Worker earns an average salary of S$41, per year. Experience has a moderate effect on pay for this job. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 10 years' experience in.

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