Short paragraph 20 lines in internet advantadges disadvantadges

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Short paragraph 20 lines in internet advantadges disadvantadges

In written languages such as English, letters are grouped into words, words are organized into sentences, and sentences are structured into cohesive paragraphs. HTML provides a way for content to be marked as a paragraph. By default, browsers render text marked as a paragraph with a single blank line preceding and following the text.

Text inside a paragraph is also aligned to the left margin of the page and is word-wrapped inside the browser window. The general format for this tag is given in Listing Any amount of text can appear between the opening and closing tags.

When displayed in the browser, the enclosed text is single spaced and preceded and followed by a single blank line to separate it from surrounding page content.

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These tags are added in the editor as shown below. Text information, graphic images, links, and other page content are added to the page and are surrounded by HTML tags to order and structure them for presentation.

Otherwise, all content runs together as an unformatted string of text. A web page formatted with paragraph tags. The text is now easily readable because organization is brought to its information content. The browser collapses into a single blank line: Note that on this and subsequent pages complete coding for a Web page may not be shown in order to focus on the code being discussed.

This container tag indents its enclosed text a fixed number of pixels approximately 40 pixels from the left and right margins. Its enclosed text is word-wrapped and preceded and followed by a blank line. For our purposes, it currently serves as a convenient way to indent any block of text.

Browser output is shown in Figure This first paragraph is formatted with a standard paragraph tag and is blocked at the left margin of the page.

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It is enclosed within a standard paragraph tag and is blocked at the left margin. A text block formatted with a Figure Similar to the way it appears in the browser, the above editor coding shows the blockquoted text offset with blank lines and indented.

As you know, this editor formatting is not required and has no effect on browser output that is controlled solely by HTML tags. Nevertheless, it is good practice to arrange editor coding to resemble browser output the best way possible for visual indication of the display relationships among sections of page content.

It makes it easier to spot missing or miscoded tags when editor coding is well spaced and indented. The middle one is further indented inside its outer blockquoted paragraphs.

This first block is formatted with a standard paragraph tag and is blocked at the left margin of the page. It is further indented within the margins produced by its outer blockquote tag. It is enclosed within a standard paragraph tag and blocked at the left margin. Any additional nested tags further indent their enclosed text from the previous margins.

Instead it should only be used when displaying large blocks of quoted text within a web document. In a later tutorial, you will learn style sheet methods that can be used for indenting text.

Still, many older styling attributes are no longer supported officially by HTML 5. Many of these attributes may still be recognized by browsers which support compatibility with older HTML versions.

In HTML 5, the align attribute is not supported.10 Practical Reasons To Use Short Paragraphs On Your Blog Posts. By Pauline Cabrera Mar Sponsors. And here's why using short paragraphs will help you gain more readerships.

Short paragraph 20 lines in internet advantadges disadvantadges

1. Most Internet Users Scan, NOT read. from first to last paragraph. 4. Less Information to Filter. Here is your short paragraph on Internet! Internet is amongst the greatest invention of mankind.

Internet is useful for people of all ages. You can easily use internet and get lots of valuable information such as weather forecast, latest political news, Hollywood/ Bollywood updates, news related to medicine, literature, software, business, leisure etc.

Paragraphing and Transitions. When to begin a new paragraph: Mark off introduction and conclusion In long essays, you may connect two large blocks of text with a short paragraph which segues between the first part, which has just come to a close, and the second part – it alerts.

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Oct 16,  · Internet – Advantages and Disadvantages: (Short Essay) Internet is considered as the greatest breakthrough of the century. The speed of communication and data transfer after internet has entered into our lives is really fast. Internet is a very useful medium for current updates and all kind of information are nowadays surfed through the.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this short paragraph about Computer and Internet! We are now living in the digital era where almost everything is done using technology. Since their invention computers increasingly are gaining popularity not only for individuals but also in many organizations.

Many people have seen a computer and many own at least one.

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