Metric system

Dynamic and kinematic viscosity conversions History of Measurement Systems People have been measuring things for thousands of years. Ancient egyptians used fingers, hands and arms to measure things.

Metric system

British and American spelling[ change change source ] Some names in the metric system are spelt differently in British English and in American English. The word metre is used in British English while the word meter is used in Metric system English.

Metric system

The word litre is used in British English while the word liter is used in American English. The word gram is used in both British English and in American English.

The word gramme can also be used in British English, but many British people think that this is old-fashioned. Metre Convention In representatives from the governments of twenty different countries met in Paris to discuss weights and measures.

Seventeen of the countries signed a treaty about weights and measures. The treaty was called "The Convention of the Metre".

The countries that signed were: France was to have responsibility for acquiring suitable premises for the BIPM. These premises would Metric system neutral territory.

The BIPM offices and laboratories would be located on the site. To make 40 identical copies of the kilogram.

Teaching the Metric System

One was chosen as the prototype or primary copy. This copy was known as the "International Prototype Kilogram". It replaced the Kilogramme des archives as the world's primary copy of the kilogram.

To make 30 identical copies of the metre. This copy was known as the "International Prototype Metre". It replaced the Metre des archives as the world's primary copy of the metre. To give one copy of the metre and one copy of the kilogram to each country.

These would be called "national prototype metres" and "national prototype kilograms". To compare the national prototype metres and kilograms against the international prototypes at regular intervals. To promote the use of the metric system.

The United Kingdom and the Netherlands went to the conference but did not sign the treaty at that time.

Prefixes and units used in the metric system

After further consideration, the United Kingdom did sign the treaty in [15]: SI clarified a number of areas of the metric system, particularly in science and in engineering.

The US fluid ounce is larger than the imperial fluid ounce, but the imperial pint is larger than the US pint. Sometimes different countries or cities used the same name for different measurements. Sometimes different cities in the same country had different ways of measuring things.

In there were a quarter of a million different units of weight and measure in France. The system would be the same in all French provinces and cities.

They also decided that it would be easier if the new system used 10's instead of 12's, 16's or 20's, because people normally count in 10's. The new system became the official system of measurement in France in They decided that the new system would be for everybody on Earth and that the new unit of length would be called a "metre".

They decided there would be 10, metres between the North Pole and the equator. They used this information to work out that the length of the metre should be Metric system: Metric system, international decimal system of weights and measures, based on the metre for length and the kilogram for mass, that was adopted in France in and is now used officially in almost all countries.

The French Revolution of provided an opportunity to pursue the frequently. Right, we should not switch to metric just because all other countries did - we should switch because the metric system is the better system!Because science, education and business have already and will profit more from the better system in the long run.

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The Metric system stinks. Why does U.S.

Metric system

use not use the metric system? Why do we stay with the Imperial system? Metric conversions and US customary units - online metric converter calculator and tables for unit measurements including temperature, weight, volume, area, length, plus currency converter, fractions & more by Science Made Simple.

Jul 19,  · Edit Article How to Understand the Metric System. In this Article: Article Summary Learning Basic Metric Principles Thinking Metrically Converting Metric Values Community Q&A In the late s, the metric system was created to standardize measurements across Europe%(25).

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