Etd thesis virginia tech

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Etd thesis virginia tech

In addition to the standard or traditional format for dissertations and theses, the Virginia Tech Graduate School accepts an alternative, manuscript, format. The Manuscript ETD Format allows the incorporation of your articles, book chapters, and the like to replace some of the standard chapters. Deadlines for Academic Progress. If you miss the exam and ETD-approval deadlines, the Graduate School will enroll you in one credit of Start-of-Semester Defense Exception and award your degree or certificate the following semester. Virginia Tech Graduate School. Readme. This is the web app that displays the collection of thesis and dissertations for the Computer Science department at Virginia Tech. The collection exists on the web in two different websites.

In addition to such anecdotal evidence as coverage in the Chronicle of Higher Education March 8,A15and active threads on Humanist the international humanities computing electronic discussion listthere have been several key developments at the institutional level: Given this recent interest and activity, it seems likely that electronic theses and dissertations will come to represent an increasingly important area of scholarly electronic publishing.

This paper will provide a comprehensive overview of current ETD standards and practices, with particular emphasis on the humanities, and will do so by juxtaposing the university-wide implementation of ETDs at Virginia Tech with a detailed look at several electronic dissertations in the humanities currently in progress at the University of Virginia and elsewhere -- projects which were undertaken at the initiative of individual students rather than in response to institutional policy.

ETD Implementation at Virginia Tech Beginning in January ofVirginia Tech began to accept, archive, and distribute new theses Etd thesis virginia tech dissertations solely in electronic formats.

The Virginia Tech ETD project, which was first discussed as early asand which has been actively underway sincepromises to have important implications for every university with a graduate degree program.

Preparing graduate students for their professional careers by training them in the use of digital libraries and introducing them to electronic publishing; 2. Promoting collaboration between graduate research programs at separate universities by making graduate scholarship visible and accessible via a network archive; and, 3.

More efficient use of the university's library and administrative resources.

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The channels Virginia Tech has established to guide the finished thesis or dissertation from the student's personal computer to the offices of the graduate school and to the library's on-line archive will be reviewed, stressing that an important component of the Virginia Tech project has been to develop potential models as opposed to absolute standards for ETD production elsewhere.

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Images, line drawings, charts and tables; Use of Adobe special features: Hypertext and Multimedia Theses and Dissertations Although Virginia Tech has pioneered the institutional implementation of ETDs by mandating their submission on a university-wide basis, the last several years have also seen significant numbers of graduate students at other universities undertaking ETDs on their own initiative.

These projects generally gravitate toward hypertext or multimedia formats. At their most creative, such projects attempt scholarship which either could not be undertaken, or else could be undertaken only on very different terms, in print media.

Etd thesis virginia tech

Matthew Kirschenbaum, this paper's primary author, has compiled an on-line directory of ongoing ETDs in the humanities exclusive of Virginia Tech. This on-line directory includes most, though perhaps not all, such projects currently underway.

At present, the site lists some two dozen electronic theses and dissertations, representing a full range of humanities disciplines: While about half of the projects listed focus explicitly on the social and cultural implications of digital media technologies, it is important to recognize that the electronic format is capable of enriching -- indeed, in many cases of transforming -- the way scholarship is performed even in more traditional areas.

Several sample projects from the ETD directory will be discussed to illustrate this point, with particular attention to innovative and effective applications of hypertext and multimedia.


Archival Considerations and Other Issues Perhaps the most serious issue facing graduate students wishing to produce theses and dissertations in electronic formats is the question of their archival stability and long-term sustainability.

What assurances are there that an electronic thesis or dissertation will be accessible even ten years in the future, let alone the many generations acid-free paper can promise?

Etd thesis virginia tech

Several strategies for addressing this problem will be suggested: Third, that the astonishing preponderance of electronic scholarship already existing in other scholarly genres -- electronic journals and digital research archives, for example -- indicate that long-term stability and sustainability is a problem -- more accurately, a challenge -- endemic to the medium as a whole, and not therefore a sufficient objections in and of itself to graduate students wishing to undertake work in electronic formats.

Finally, that it is precisely those scholars who are presently either at or nearing their thesis or dissertation who will play a major role in responding to these archival challenges in their subsequent careers.


A related issue is the delivery mechanism for ETDs, particularly the considerations at stake in the choice of the stand-alone CD-ROM format versus storage on a network server. In this context, the proposed National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations, which would establish an infrastructure for a network-accessible, searchable, full-text database of graduate research, will be discussed.

Copyright and intellectual property issues will be addressed, as will anxieties about plagiarism. Finally, the question of supervising and assessing an ETD will be addressed.Virginia Tech has had an international leadership role in ETD initiatives since the s, leading to its January 1, , mandate that graduate students submit their theses and dissertations online.

Literature Review (optional title for Manuscript 1, title, abstract, introduction, materials . This is the official Virginia Tech LaTeX template for theses and dissertations. For more information on preparing your thesis or dissertation for submission, please see .

American Universities Should Require Electronic Theses and Dissertations Joseph M. Moxley University of South Florida Department of English, tronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) authors or in providing the resources Director of Virginia Tech’s Digital Library and Archives, ETDs are.

Virginia Tech has had an international leadership role in ETD initiatives since the s, leading to its January 1, , mandate that graduate students submit their theses and dissertations online. A collaboration between the Graduate School and the University Libraries, VT ETDs are available through the ETD database and since in.

Aug 27,  · The ETD nbsp; About ETDs from the Digital Library and Archives at Virginia Tech 39;s Virginia Tech has had an international leadership role in ETD initiatives that graduate students submit their theses and dissertations online.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Workflow. Virginia Tech University introduced ETD in January , where students were required to create their theses and dissertations with word processors and submit them to a digital repository.

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