Dragon writing

Winners of the Dragon Slaying Writing Challenge Overall, that went pretty well This was an wonderful challenge to read. Did we wile away a large quantity of work hours reading our favorite entries aloud to each other across the cubicles?

Dragon writing

Writing for Cecil A few weeks ago a building near my office was overrun by police cars and media Dragon writing. He was a dentist who enjoyed traveling the world and killing magnificent animals, that is, until he killed the wrong one.

Obviously it was a horrific, completely unjustifiable crime committed by a total asshat. On the other hand, I live in the Midwest, where a bird flu epidemic has forced the extermination of forty-eight million chickens in the last several months.

Let me say that again.

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As a writer, however, that scale—like everything else illogical about our species—fascinates me. There are insights here for anyone writing about animals, but especially those who are working within an environmental theme.

They are willing to become invested and even help spur social change if their sympathies are triggered.

Dragon writing

But what is the trigger? How can a writer tap into that amazing human-animal connection? I possess no degrees that end in -ology. After Dragon writing, most of us directly depend on chickens as part of our food chain while lions have comparatively little impact on our survival.

So why care about some lion halfway across the world?

Dragon writing

The answer is partly psychological—we are drawn to the rare and exotic—but also partly legislative. The principle can still work even if your character is a more common animal, as C. Could the animal be a cow? Certain scenes seem to suggest it at first, but as the story progresses, the narrator gives the animal increasingly sophisticated behaviors and counterintuitive physical characteristics.

Is it a monkey? We are unbalanced by not knowing the societal worth that has already been placed on this life and seek desperately to recover that label so we can apply the pre-determined value and move on. Humans are the ultimate predators on planet Earth, at least for the time being, and our imaginations gravitate toward other apex predators—animals that preside over the top of their food chains.

Look at Shark Week. Yes, a predator can be dead for sixty-six million years and we still happily break box office records to watch their re-creations strut and slaughter on the big screen. Sure, dragons can spontaneously reproduce, but they can really kill you, right?

I used real-life accounts of Komodo attacks from the headlines to add tension to the friendship that developed between the woman and the dragon, to remind the reader that, at any moment, their delicate relationship could shatter.

Every animal can become formidable in the right situation. Look at the deer who charged a jogger in Germany in Or the gaze of raccoons that attacked a Washington jogger in Or the repeated barred owl attacks on runners earlier this year in Oregon.

This is the term used by zoos to describe their poster exhibits. These species, through their larger-than-life personalities, human-like characteristics, or sheer vitality, are why visitors pay the price of admission. Knut the polar bear was responsible for a thirty percent increase in attendance the year he was born at the Berlin zoo.

On the flip side, the Copenhagen zoo caused a worldwide controversy when they killed Marius the giraffe. The good news here is that a writer can employ these characterization techniques to turn any vertebrate into a charismatic one.

An animal should be approached just like any other character in your book.

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Build their backstory, their mannerisms, their quirks, and then give their actions weight in the narrative. We naturally humanize animals in order to feel closer to them, so let your human characters forge those connections and your readers will follow suit.

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Dragon Writing Template Writing Template, free to download and print. Dragon Writing Template. The silhouette of a dragon features several penmanship lines for practice with this printable writing template. Download Free Version (PDF format) Download the entire collection for only $ Also, the nine special letters in Dragon Language is mapped by order (from 'a' to 'u') and you do NOT need to use CapsLock.

The effect is the same, whether this is used or not. To use the font on the wiki, see the DragonScript template. Let your imagination flow while writing in this composition notebook with a cover image of the Dragon Warrior Also encourage your son, daughter, brother, sister or friend to write by giving them a copy.5/5(1).

The dragon's perspective was extremely well done, the writing solid as always, and a roasted princess is always good to get into the mix. But we'll be honest, we didn't consider this a full-blown win until we neared the end and read this line.

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