Case study on wet floor

She slipped and suffered serious injuries. She filed a negligence case against the cleaning company responsible for mopping the hospital. Question s For Expert Witness 1.

Case study on wet floor

Wet Concrete Polishing Liquid Floors has been in the industrial flooring business for over 2o years serving all of the southeast.

wet-floor-2 | Law Offices of Steven S. Farbman Slips injuries are more prevalent in the food and drink industries than in most other industries.
Warning sign - Wikipedia Sometimes people slip and fall in businesses, or grocery stores, due to wet floors.
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When North Carolina business Timco contacted us needing a concrete polishing contractor, Liquid Floors was up to the task and ready to go. Industrial floors are all that we do and we do them very well.

For Timco, we used performed wet concrete polishing using professional polishing tools from Diamabrush used for industrial floor polishing. When it comes to concrete polishing, it is critical that manufacturing companies are able to trust their flooring contractor completely with their floors.

This is one of the reasons Timco was ready to roll with Liquid.

Industrial Wet Concrete Polishing - Case Study With Photos - Lincolnton NC - Liquid Floors

Being in the flooring business for over 20 years and focusing solely on industrial flooring, we are uniquely capable of handling the jobs of large companies that need their flooring revolutionized FAST and efficiently.

You need to get back to work asap, so we get to work asap to finish your floors. Start to Finish For this particular job, Liquid started with a thorough grinding of the floors surface in order to fully prepare it for polishing, followed by hand grinding as needed, sanding and then a wet polishing.

This process ensures that your flooring is smooth, beautiful, stain free and shiny.

Main causes of slip and trip injuries

Once the process of epoxy floor coating and polishing is already done, the system will actually continually to improve the look of your business floor every time you clean and as you maintain it. Modernize your business with our beautiful, safe and durable epoxy floor coatings.

So, if you want to acquire our floor coatings, then you need to call Liquid Floors at Underfloor heating case studies.

Continental Underfloor design and supply underfloor heating packages direct to the trade. Take a look at some of the reasons why our customers choose to . Industrial wet concrete polishing for manufacturing business near Lincolnton, NC.

Read Liquid Floors case study to see how we revolutionized these floors! Netfloor, Inc. is one of the leaders of Low-Profile Access Floor manufacturers in the global market.

We develop and manufacture complete range low profile access floor systems in meeting specific requirements in the modern offices, schools, institutions, and business interiors such as call centers, stores, casinos, and etc. Sep 04,  · Why The Absence Of Wet Floor Signs Might Help Your Florida Slip & Fall Case, By Former Law Professor & Orlando Personal Injury Attorney, Tina caninariojana.comon: North Orange Avenue, Suite G, Orlando, , Florida.

Low-Profile Access Floor

Case study: Woman loses leg following two slip accidents In she slipped again, this time on a wet vinyl floor. Someone had mopped the floor and failed to dry it or put out any barriers or warning signs.

She Slips and trips: the importance of floor cleaning.

Case study on wet floor

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Slip and Fall Expert Witness Advises on Wet Floor that Caused a Nurse to Slip at Work