California dreams and realities essays

Which reminded me that although 15 years is quite a long time, in the scheme of history, it's not very long at all. Some of these issues I don't hear being discussed any longer, like affirmative action and bilingual education. But this reminds me of our growing ethnic heritage intermingling, with so many young kids now being born of mixed heritage. I was trying to thi Reading this again now was like a time warp.

California dreams and realities essays

Yes, part of vision is accurate. For instance, California weather is warmer, more temperate, than most places on earth. Also, California is an international trendsetter, and cutting-edge place to be, which attracted me as international student.

For instance, as Maasik and Solomon state: California is not only the most populous state in the union; it is also the most culturally evocative.

Everything that happens in America, they say, happens in California first. A special case of the American dream, California -- thanks to the efforts of the television and film industries -- is often the place where dreams begin.

Speaking again from an international student perspective, what is "cool" for clothes; entertainments, etc. However, based on my own experience, and on the essays and images in the textbook, I would still have to say California myths and images differ from reality.

California dreams and realities essays

The vision of "melting pot" develops historically from those kinds of pleasant, enticing images. However, happy melting California dreams and realities essays of California not as happy as one might think. Much melting away of Native Americans, for example, was done long ago, so other groups could melt better into California, so some groups now still melting themselves over others, not blending nicely with them.

Those people of immigrations often are treated unfairly in California, especially in early days. So, as our book points out, the image of the melting pot developed historically, especially of Mexican; Chinese, and other immigrations.

But not all these groups were liked, or treated with equally. Rawls states, in his essay "California, a Place, a People, a Dream": Also it is draining the nation of resources. As Ling-Ling states "Almost every week, we hear about thousands of our workers losing their jobs.

Because so many want to live in California, quality of life here is now worse for everyone. This is not just fault of immigration, but so many immigrations are one key factor.

Immigrations keep coming, not just to study here for a time, but to live permanently, and Californian infrastructures are no more easily supporting all immigrations, or even people who have been here a long time. So now everybody suffers. For myself, my past images of California include glamour and wide open space, sun, friendly smile, and everyone always getting suntan and relaxing.

My current image is almost the opposite: I do not see hardly any relaxing and laying back going on around me, maybe on the beach or at parks, playing sports or watching sport event, party, or movie, but not relaxing every day.

Also, California stereotype is everyone here is friendly, and no one is hurrying or being rude, but this absolutely not true, and not just because of being international student.

Unfortunately, every day, I see everybody being rude to everybody else: I thought first this maybe it harder for international student than American, but American friend agree California life is just rushing; highway driving; crowding; paying too much money, waiting long line for everything, etc.

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For me, I came because of big international populations, and because the California higher education is still best in America for international students. We have nothing similar in my country, so I and other international students appreciate our opportunities here.

At first I was thinking I will experience California now, and perhaps stay after my college graduation. Now I am thinking maybe I will change this original plan, since California, although nice in many ways very pretty beaches; good foods; good entertainments; good friendsdoes not match the "paradise" I expected.Sachtext einleitung beispiel essay, argumentative essay on smoking in public places perlimpinpin dessay sextet professays teamspeak joseph smith essay supernatural swan song chuck narrative essay dtlls unit 2 essays on abortion minuscules film critique essay teenage abortion essay essays on education is the key to success mesoamerican writing.


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Below is an essay on "California Dream" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The California Dream Ever since the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in , began for over a span of 7 years the California Gold Rush.

An essay or paper on California Dreams and Realities. In California Dreams and Realities, editors Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon () maintain that "California is neither the sun-drenched land of glitter and glamour that many outsiders imagine when they think of the Golden State, nor is it the war.

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