A description of the theories and principles used by companies to continue to grow and become market

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A description of the theories and principles used by companies to continue to grow and become market

A Journal of Mormon Scripture 30 This paper attempts to reconcile the Liahona to scientific law by displaying similarities between its apparent mechanisms and ancient navigation instruments called astrolabes.

When the company begins to follow the Liahona, they seem wholly dependent upon it for directional guidance. Astrolabe Technology To understand the textual parallels between the Liahona and astrolabe technology, one must first understand the basic functionality of ancient astrolabes.

Stated simply, an astrolabe is an astronomical instrument capable of providing navigational information using the position of the sun or stars.

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If the Liahona functioned on similar principles, it would have been subject to [Page ]the operation of Nephi and Lehi, rather than the party passively following instructions provided by the ball. Dating of Astrolabe Technology The origins of astrolabe technology have been traditionally attributed to Greek astronomers in bce — bce.

However, in the words of Robert T. Image used under Create Commons License; https: Accessed September 30, While the planispheric astrolabe is the most common form of astrolabe from an archeological perspective, there is considerable question as to whether it is the earliest.

Indeed, the most recent archaeological evidence suggests that primitive astrolabe technology may date at least to the Babylonians, circa bce, and possibly several thousands of years earlier. After being commanded to leave Jerusalem, Lehi appears to have traveled the entire first portion of his journey unaided.

But where did such an instrument come from? Some individuals have gone as far as to suggest the instrument was both forged and placed at the tent door by God himself.

His record is admittedly devoid of detail concerning specifics recorded in his other account, descriptions not deemed spiritually noteworthy, or situations not applicable to the reader.

Interestingly, Nephi never states or speculates how the Liahona appeared. Not until 2 Nephi 5: In 1 Nephi Although the account is again vague, it can be reasonably assumed that the party may have attempted to observe the marriage customs of the day.

However, this practice was performed by at least some Jews who predated Lehi, as specified in the marriage accounts contained in Genesis An astrolabe is precisely such an instrument.

The brass globe is made of two hemispheres that neatly screw together … The enclosing rete, which must rotate smoothly on the perfectly round sphere, is also of brass. However, as can be seen in [Page ]Figure 2, writing on spherical astrolabes is prominently placed on the retia or spindles of the device.

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More impressive than appearance are the numerous similarities of function the astrolabe and Liahona share. One of the principal uses of the astrolabe is to triangulate direction. If the Liahona merely pointed toward the next destination, as has been traditionally assumed, it would be odd for the device to also convey directional information based on the cardinal directions.

Astrolabes, however, allow location to be calculated in latitude and longitude using the position of the sun, constellations, or individual stars.

A description of the theories and principles used by companies to continue to grow and become market

Particularly useful in desert travel, these computations allow precise locational and directional calculation without relying upon landmarks, which are often nonexistent in desert terrain. Gazetteers including the location of these water sources were often stored on the astrolabe itself or on analog disks that could be interchanged dependent on region.

The most fertile places in the desert are locations where the presence of water allows for the growth of plant life. The textual incident that illustrates this connection can be found in 1 Nephi After Nephi breaks his bow and is unable to find food for several days 1 Nephi It stops thinking.

It stops questioning. It remembers the answers but has forgotten the questions. The theory of the business becomes “culture.” But culture is no substitute for discipline, and the theory of the business is a discipline.

4. The theory of the business has to be tested constantly.

A description of the theories and principles used by companies to continue to grow and become market

It is not graven on tablets of stone. It is a hypothesis. Before the stock market crash of and the Great Depression, the government passed laws to create a standard for accounting practices among publicly held companies.

The best Illustration of this is in the case of the doctrine of gravitation. Several points are important in this view of sociological theory.

First, sociological theory is not to be concerned with causes per se but, rather, with the laws that describe the basic and fundamental relations of properties in the social world.

The firm may seek to increase market share, achieve distribution in more outlets, have sales grow by a certain percentage, or have consumers evaluate the product more favorably. Some organizations have objectives that are not focused on monetary profit—e.g., promoting literacy or preventing breast cancer.

My goal was to become familiar with the tools and concepts used by designers so that I would have a primitive foundation for creating attractive designs for my projects.

What I found was that this course was much more than I bargained for. A company like Microsoft might need to find an extra $6 billion in sales to grow 10%, while a smaller company might need only an extra $70 million in sales for the same growth rate.


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