300 psy abnormal psychology therapies

School of Arts and Sciences Program Overview As a psychology major, you'll explore a wide variety of topics as you delve into the effects of biology and environment on human behavior.

300 psy abnormal psychology therapies

General information about psychology in everyday life, designed to correct misconceptions and to give the student a better understanding of self and others.

This course is intended to give future educators an understanding of the physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes that occur from conception through adolescence. Credit for this course is not applicable toward a psychology major or minor.

Introduction to scientific psychology with emphasis on methodology and critical thinking about psychological ideas. Principles and techniques for maintaining good mental health; the approach is practical rather than descriptive.

The psychological and social factors that influence health and disease. Attention is also focused on stress management, the health care system, and the evaluation of health-related research.

The similarities and differences between the female and male gender in the following psychological areas: The elements of interpersonal communication; emphasizes techniques of communicating thoughts and ideas, listening techniques, understanding meaning; designed to improve the students interpersonal relationships.

The cognitive, personality, emotional, social, and physical changes that occur from conception through old age.

This course is intended primarily for majors in fields which require a developmental psychology overview of the life span.

Minor Requirements

Credit for this course is not applicable toward a psychology major. The application of behavioral principles to human problems.

300 psy abnormal psychology therapies

Psychological issues from a cross-cultural perspective, enabling students to appreciate the diverse ecological and cultural settings in which their behavior is increasingly influenced by global diversity and the global economy. Transpersonal Psychology is the study of psychological experiences that transcend the ordinary or average human experience.

This course focuses on current scientific research and theories applied to topics ranging from ancient shamanism and religion, to modern applications of meditation, psychedelic therapy, and near-death experiences.

Introduction to research in psychology. The student will be involved in an individual or team research project or assist with a faculty member's research. Examines the role of forensic psychologists in police training and selection, criminal profiling, jury selection, insanity and competency, child custody, and death penalty trials.

Descriptive and inferential statistical procedures used in the social sciences. Both computer and manual computations will be performed. Techniques and methods of scientific psychology; emphasizes construction of hypotheses, experimental design, data interpretation, and style of reporting research.

Applied learning experience in designing and conducting original research in psychology, data analysis, writing and presenting research results.Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Examine mental disorders and mental illness from the psychological perspective. Compare and contrast therapies designed for each school of thought in psychology for treating mental disorders.

Psy Abnormal Psychology & Therapies Essay Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Mandy More University of Phoenix July 11, Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Kowalski and Westen define psychology as, “the scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior†(p. ). Along with exploring the complex causes, manifestations, and treatment of common behavior disorders, this course introduces abnormal behavior in the context of psychological well-being to show these behaviors along a continuum from functional to dysfunctional.

Topics covered include abnormal psychology, biological psychology, cognition, development, learning, personality, and social psychology. Students explore the nature of evidence in psychology, assess the value of theory in understanding contemporary social issues, and engage in systematic investigations of human behavior and mental processes.

The health minor, open to all students, exposes you to current issues in nutrition, personal health, community health and psychology. You also can take several courses from the sciences, family and consumer science, nursing, psychology and sociology.

Explanations of Abnormality

PSY Abnormal Psychology. PSY Research Methods. Courses for the Bachelor of Science in Psychology are offered during the semesters displayed above.

300 psy abnormal psychology therapies

Students must be available to take each course in its designated rotation to successfully complete this program. Refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for course narratives.

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